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Carrot Washing Machine

Name:Carrot Washing Machine


     Hair roller washing machine , also known as roller brush cleaning machine for sorting washing carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables and citrus fruits materials , the use of food-grade and food grade belt conveyor and cleaning brush , rotary brush with high pressure spray , cleaning effect, can thoroughly clean the surface of the fruit and vegetable stains .

Supply potato washing machine, taro washing machine, mini washing machine , hair line, washing machine, drum-shaped potato washing machine, peeling machine cleaning brush which is a company based betel nut taro , taro big , hairy taro , potato, ginger, carrot , sweet potato processing market demand for the design of round, oval fruit and vegetable peeling scrub work . Mainly used for cleaning and peeling areca taro, betel nut taro , potatoes, sweet potatoes and other root material. Brush cleaning peeling machine mainly consists of motor, transmission ,8- 12 hair sticks , etc., 1200 , 1500 , 2000 three models , it has a beautiful appearance and easy operation , cleaning peeling large volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption , continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, brush roll materials by a special process ( rolling from nylon cord ) , durable , good wear resistance . Box made of high-quality stainless steel, no rust, clean. Can be customized according to customer requirements

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